Welcome into the dream

Arkyne... is a project, a band, a language...

The main idea is to pretend that the only thing that all beings on this planet have in common is the dream. We've got the same language, based on several dialects... and we named this "Arkyne". Each word is based on phonetics that are easy to sing.

Band is composed by Patrice (composer, singer, musician), Dorianne (pre-mastering, sound architecture) and some featuring.

You can follow Arkyne Google Plus page to get news, and listen tracks on the "Listen section". Music is under Creative Commons (CC - By - SA ). You can freely listen, download and share our music. It's legal and its recommanded !

You can also help us making donation buying album on our bandcamp page. Anyway, our music is free, open, under Creative commons. You can get explanation on the license page.

Creative Commons ?

You can listen, share, download and redistribute our songs according to the Creative Commons licence (CC-BY-SA). You only have one restriction: don't sell our song until we don't have explicitly allow you. But please, share, share and share our songs if you like them !

You probably wonder why we prefer to share music freely. Because we really think that music is not a "product". Music is a vector, a simple way to tell to someone what you think, what you feel. To pay to have a CD is not a problem, but to pay to "listen" a music is an idea we don't agree. If you want to help us, if you like our music, you can buy a CD. But if you only want to listen, or to share our music, you can.

That's why the "Creative commons" attribution license was chosen. Our rights are preserved, and your freedom to listen and share is safe.

Website is authored by Arkyne band, especially Patrice Ferlet. Images, videos and design are under creative commons. Please, if you want to use them for another work, use the Creative Commons CC-BY-SA and send me a mail to your work.

"Free" doesn't mean that you cannot buy album. We can sell our songs and we strongly recommand to do this. Money you'll give (3$ minimum to get album on bandcamp) will help us to continue the project. This donations will enable a mastering phase with a studio, burning vynils, buying hardware, intruments... to create again and again and share music with you. Anyway, albums are and will be under Creative Commons. You'll be able to listen, download and share our songs freely.


You can listen here the last album (dated...) while we're finishing the next.

Who is Arkyne Band ?

Primary, that's a project that began in 1999 by Patrice Ferlet. Student at university, the "Tess Drama" project was presented to teachers. Patrice's idea was to write a novel, and to make the music to listen "while you're reading". Some symbols was putted in text to start a track, and to wait (or not) the end of the music to continue.

"Tess" is the main character of the story. She travels from real to dreams. Inside her dreams, she speaks in an universal language.

Some time spent and in 2005, Patrice relaunched the project. "Vido in Drana" was the first "demo" album including a featuring with Ticia, a friend that sings "Anky en e" (believe in me).

After 3 years, he is helped by Dorianne and Valentin to arrange some compositions. Dorianne worked on mastering... and she had lot of work. We don't have money, no good equipment. But "Ayen bowen no" was out in 2007. You can listen this album on soundcloud, or in the "Listen" section.

To contact author: metal3d at

How we work

The very first level to work is to compose. I generally compose on an old classical guitar that my father gave me when I was 5 years old. Songs came without any explanation. The melody arrived, so I record the idea with my phone, or on my computer to keep the idea. Then, when I'm ready to work, I use my computer to arrange, record a better version, etc...

As I said, we love "free softwares" - Free as Freedom, no like "free bear" like says Richard Stallman. I'm a Linux user, and I exclusively use open-source softwares. Ardour, LMMS, Hydrogen, GuitarX, LADSPA effects, Jamin, Audacity, LinuxSampler and so on...

Albums covers are made with Gimp, Blender and Inkscape. By the way, I'm using those softwares to create the site.

Some listener asked me why I don't use other operating system, or "famous softwares as Fruity Loops or Cubase". My only answer is a question "why should I use other softwares while those I'm using are excellent ?"

I know Cubase, Fruity Loops, VST plugins... I have used many years ago but since I knew what we could do with the softwares I've found on Linux ... I have not had to return to the "sacrosanct softwares used by both professionals"

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